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At PRG, we have a weekly staff meeting… it’s called ‘Ideas Time’ and as a group, we take an hour to talk about future projects, goals and (obviously) ideas! Quietly I had been wanting to develop a local magazine for a while, in fact, most of the decisions we’ve made in the past couple of years have helped lead us here but it wasn’t until a staff meeting almost a year ago when things got serious. During that meeting, we discussed our vision of Kincardine, a beautiful town, full of great people. Personally, I have the pleasure of owning a business here, it’s where my kids have grown up and the memories alone are priceless to me. That said, I wondered what we could do to shine a brighter light on all that Kincardine has to offer. We started to discuss designs and an idea that would involve us creating a local magazine that truly had the look and feel of ‘Kincardine’ but first, we needed a name…

In the weeks leading up to the magazine launch, I’ve had countless people comment on how great the name Boardwalk is. Thank you! The credit for that goes to my son, Nathan. Having grown up in Kincardine, there’s no one prouder of this place. So, when we were discussing potential names and he (so casually) dropped the name Boardwalk on us, we knew it was the perfect fit!

From there things got easier, with so much local talent, so many great businesses and so much going on, the content was easy to find. We wanted Boardwalk to be filled with great content, written by local people and big bold photography, for a look and feel that was unlike anything else. Plus, the completely redesigned Winter Recreation Guide starts on page 28! Very exciting. I want to thank the amazing staff at the Kincardine Recreation Department for working with us on this project.

Winter is here. Seems like a great time to launch something exciting! There’s a lot happening locally, I challenge you to bundle up, get outside and explore. Either on the trails, or in the streets. Hiking or shopping, you won’t be disappointed by the fresh air, beautiful scenery or friendly people.

So, if you’re lucky enough to call Kincardine home, hopefully you already know what I mean. If you spend your days dreaming of Kincardine and wishing you were here, this should satisfy your cravings and help keep you connected.

Finally, thank you to the amazing team at PRG, we brought this together in a hurry, we put the time in and the results are nothing less than impressive.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy Boardwalk!
Until next time.

Check out the online version HERE

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