People will pay extra for Bacon


I broke down recently, tried a Bacon Big Mac and honestly it was pretty good. Most people would agree that bacon makes things better (and more expensive). The idea seemed to work well for McDonald’s, they took an old menu item, added something new and sold tons of them at a higher price. Everyone that I talked to about it had tried one, even some people that had never tried a regular Big Mac before went out of their way to try the new version… that’s the power of bacon I guess.

It got me thinking about the idea of “bacon” in business, not literal bacon but “add ons” in general. For most businesses, there’s a little something extra you can add to your products or services to make them more appealing. It should make it better, more valuable to your customer and therefor more expensive. The idea of add ons or up-selling is nothing new, yet most business owners don’t do it, even though it’s easy and it works.

Start by picking a product or service that you believe to be exceptional but doesn’t sell as much as you think it should. Then really study it, what can you do to make it more appealing. Make some changes, set up a promo and track the results. Ask for feedback, tweak as needed, then try it on other products and services.

Give it a try, add “bacon” to your menu.

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